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Time to digital converter

Time to digital converter

Parameter Information
No configuration required
Simple to use
Wide Temperature Device Operating Range
Device Evaluation Board
Design circuit

Typical Application
Fields related to distance measurement and time measurement
LiDAR, laser post-pulse detection
Quantum optics and quantum communication
Fluorescence lifetime and fluorescence spectroscopy

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This device is a four-channel 10ps high-precision time measurement chip. It is mainly used to measure the time difference between 4 STOP signals and 1 START signal. The chip mainly includes three parts: delay-locked loop, quantizer and data processing. The delay phase-locked loop adopts a two-stage cascaded structure of coarse and fine delay phase-locked loops. The coarse delay phase-locked loop outputs a multi-phase clock for the coarse quantizer as a reference, and the fine delay phase-locked loop is used to generate accurate delay time. The control voltage corresponding to the time is used as a reference for the fine quantizer, the quantizer quantifies and counts the delay time, and the data processing performs the final quantized data processing to obtain the time difference between each STOP channel and the START channel.

Technical ParametersTechnical Indicators
Product NumberCBC-QTDC
Time Measurement Resolution≤10ps
Dynamic Range≥10㎲
Detection Frequency≥10MHz
Operating Temperature40℃-+85℃