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InGaAs geiger avalanche photodiode array

InGaAs geiger avalanche photodiode array

Key Advantage
Spectral response range: 0.95~1.65 micrometers
Single-photon detection sensitivity
Nanosecond-level time resolution
Single-pulse non-scanning FLASH imaging
Operating at a high frame rate of approximately 100 kHz

Typical Applications
Laser-based Three-Dimensional Imaging Guidance
Three-Dimensional Terrain Mapping
Unmanned Autonomous Navigation
Passive Imaging in Sparse Photon Environments

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This product utilizes the Time-of-Flight (TOF) method based on laser pulse measurements to acquire three-dimensional distance information of the target. It achieves sensitivity at the single-photon detection limit and time resolution at the nanosecond level. The detector performs digital quantization of laser pulse flight time within pixels, resulting in a simple signal processing process with minimal noise interference. Additionally, it can generate a complete three-dimensional image of the target in real-time using a single laser pulse, with low required laser power, no need for scanning structures, and no distortion in the images. The system is characterized by its simple structure, compact size, light weight, and low power consumption.

Technical ParametersTechnical Index
Array Size64*64
Pixel Pitch50um
Temporal Resolution2ns
Single-photon Detection Rate20%
Dark Count Rate5KHz
Effective Pixel Rate99%
Time Jitter0.5ns
Cumulative Crosstalk Probability15%
Frame Rate20KHz
Operating Temperature-40°C-+60°C
Storage Temperature-55°C-+85°C
Power Consumption≤15W