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Si free-running single-photon detector

Si free-running single-photon detector

Key Advantage:
High detection efficiency
Visible light detection
Free run
Active quenching
High security

Single Photon LiDAR
Fluorescence detection
Single photon imaging
Quantum key distribution

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This product is a visible light band single photon detector. The core device adopts SI APD, which integrates optics, structure, electricity and software technology, and has the characteristics of high detection efficiency, strong maintainability and strong environmental adaptability.
Single-photon detection in visible light band is performed by using SI avalanche photodiode working in Geiger mode. Among them, the typical detection efficiency of 850nm single photon is > 50%, dark count < 150 cps, afterpulse ≤5.5%, and time jitter < 500 ps. In addition, according to specific application scenarios, it supports user configuration functions of cooling target temperature, dead time and other parameters to strengthen specific indicators such as detection efficiency and saturation count rate.

Technical ParametersTechnical Indicators
Product NumberAPCM-101FR
Response Wavelength400nm~900nm
Detection Efficiency@λ850nm≥50%
Dark Count Rate150cps
Afterpulse Probability≦5.5%
Time Jitter<500ps
Dead Time≦5us
Saturation Count≥1Mcps
Detector Channels1
Input Voltage5V