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Miniaturized non-line-of-sight imaging system

Miniaturized non-line-of-sight imaging system

Key Advantage
1. High-sensitivity single-photon detection technology
2. High-resolution time acquisition technology
3. High signal-to-noise ratio photon acquisition technology
4. Invisible to the naked eye and safe for human eyes
5. High-precision timing control technology
6. Efficient and fast reconstruction algorithm

Typical Applications
Anti-terrorist operations, fire and earthquake rescue, automatic driving, security monitoring

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In traditional imaging, the imaging target is located in the direct line of sight of the observer. Non-line-of-sight imaging aims to image out-of-sight and occluded scenes, and realize three-dimensional imaging of hidden scenes by measuring the time-of-flight of photons and reconstructing algorithms.
This product uses InGaAs single-photon avalanche diode as the detection unit to realize the detection of single-photon sensitivity in the near-infrared band. By emitting pulses with picosecond pulse width and using TCSPC technology, the measurement of picosecond precision of photon flight time is realized. Through The unique optical path design achieves high signal-to-noise ratio; the integrated and compact system design makes the system small and mobile; the fine timing control makes the imaging process intelligent and efficient.

Technical ParametersTechnical Indicators
Laser Wavelength1064nm
Laser Power<50mw
Detection Distance/
System to Interface Distance Range2-10m
Interface to Object Distance Range0.5-2m
Horizontal Resolution5cm
Vertical Resolution2cm
Imaging Speed20s/frame
Input Voltage220V