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PPLN crystal

PPLN crystal

Key Features
Precision waveguide end-face polishing and coating.
Designed for the visible to mid-infrared wavelength range.
Efficient coupling of high-damage threshold optical fiber with the chip.
Enables nonlinear frequency conversion such as SHG/SFG/DFG.
Uniform periodic polarization structure.

Typical Applications
Laser Displays
Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy
Scientific Research and Medical Applications
Full Spectrum Conversion
Environmental Monitoring
Optical Sensing

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The product is a nonlinear crystal designed for efficient wavelength conversion. It has a broad transparency range covering the near and mid-infrared spectral regions, enabling efficient frequency conversion from visible light to the mid-infrared band, including second-harmonic generation (SHG), sum-frequency generation (SFG), and optical parametric oscillation (OPO). Its transparency range can be tailored to output any wavelength within it through periodic structural design, thus meeting the diverse wavelength requirements of modern optics.

Technical ParametersTechnical Index
MaterialsMgO: PPLN
CycleStandard/Custom (8-22μm)
LengthStandard/Custom (1-55mm)
WidthStandard/Custom (1-55mm)
Duty cycle45%-55%
Film layersCustomized as per requirements
Effective Aperture≥90%
Storage Temperature(-20~+70°C)