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Femtosecond laser frequency comb

Femtosecond laser frequency comb

Key Advantage
1. High repetition rate
2. Ultra-low phase noise
3. Super long lock time
4. Support optical frequency locking
5. Modular design
6. Can achieve rapid deployment

Typical Applications
High Resolution Spectroscopy
Ultra-low noise microwave source generation
Optical clock frequency measurement and transmission
Fields such as astrometry and space science

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This product is an ultra-low phase noise optical frequency comb, featuring a fully polarization-maintaining structure, high integration, independent intellectual property rights, and domestically produced core components. The device supports one-button startup, and its ultra-high precision in frequency accuracy and stability make it widely applicable in spectroscopy, ultra-low noise microwave source generation, frequency measurement and distribution, as well as other metrology fields.
The oscillator in this product utilizes Figure-9 mode-locking technology, ensuring the output femtosecond laser exhibits excellent stability and low noise characteristics. Through optimized phase-locked loop electrical design, it can rapidly lock the frequency to either an RF reference or an optical reference, providing high-precision frequency stability and supporting multiple output paths. The output spectral range can extend from 1260nm to 1630nm. This product also offers customized services for parameters such as repetition frequency and pre-specified spectral ranges.

Technical ParametersTechnical Indicators
Product NumberFC1550-200-OPS
Comb Spacing a200MHz
Accuracy≤1 x 10^-16@100s(optical reference)≤1 x 10^-14@1000s(RF reference)
Stability≤1 x10^-16@1s(optical reference)≤1 x10^-18@1000s(optical reference)≤5 x 10^-13@1s(RF reference)
Integral Phase Noise< 100mrad(100Hz ~ 100kHz)
Teeth Line Width< 1Hz
Adjacent Frequency Building Spacing Adjustable Range>4MHz
CEO Frequency Tuning Range> 200MHz
Laser Output>4-channel, fiber-optic coupling, linear polarization, polarization-maintaining fiber output
Basic Unit Center Wavelength1560nm
Spectral Width> 25nm
Spread Spectrum Range b1260nm ~ 1360nm , 1355nm ~ 1555nm , 1550nm ~ 1630nm
Spectral Flatness< 10dB
Input RequirementsRadio Frequency: 10/100MHz frequency reference, power +7dBm
Power Consumption< 500W
Input Voltage220V AC
Size482mm x 133mm x 500mm