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Multifunctional high-speed picosecond pulse light source

Multifunctional high-speed picosecond pulse light source

Key Advantage
1. Ultra-narrow optical pulse modulation
2. Light intensity self-calibration and stability maintenance
3. Precise adjustment of light intensity range
4. Optical pulse repetition frequency can be adjusted

Typical Application
Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)
High Power Ultrafast Lasers
Single Photon Detector Testing
Laser Ranging
Fiber optic sensing

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This product is a compact multifunctional high-speed picosecond pulse light source with independent intellectual property rights. It has advanced core indicators and rich configuration functions, which can meet diverse scientific research and application needs.
The core function of the product is to provide a stable and reliable narrow pulse light source, support continuous and pulsed light modes, pulse mode supports internal trigger and external trigger, adjustable delay, adjustable pulse width, ultra-narrow pulse width up to 40ps, and extinction ratio higher than 30dB, adjustable pulse repetition frequency, high frequency up to 1.25GHz, adjustable luminous power and average number of photons per pulse, adjustable range up to 10, with high stability to adapt to environmental changes.

Technical ParametersTechnical Index
Product ModelQPLS-B20
Center Wavelength1500.12±0.2nm
Optical Pulse Repetition Frequencymaximum supported frequency is 1.25GHz
Optical Pulse Width≥40ps
Optical Pulse Leading Edge Jitter<10ps
Optical Pulse Delay Progress11ps
Pulse Photon Number Regulation0.01-100000
Input Voltage12V
Working wavelength can be customized
Repeat frequency can be customized
Pulse width adjustable >40ps