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InGaAs deep-cooled free-running single-photon detector

InGaAs deep-cooled free-running single-photon detector

Key Advantage
Ultra-Low Cooling
Low Dark Count Rate
Free Running

Typical Applications
Laser Ranging/Laser Radar
Fluorescence Lifetime Detection
Quantum Key Distribution/Quantum Optics
Single Photon Source Calibration
Optical Excitation Detection

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This product is a 4-channel deep-cooling near-infrared free-running single-photon detector. Its core component features domestically developed and proprietary InGaAs/InP APD technology, offering advanced technical specifications, reliability, and integration compared to similar products. It provides a cost-effective solution for asynchronous weak-light detection applications such as laser radar and fluorescence lifetime measurement.
Utilizing a negative feedback APD, this product can be cooled to -110°C using thermoelectric cooling technology, significantly reducing dark count rates, which can be as low as 100ps. The maximum detection efficiency for 1550nm single photons exceeds 20%. Additionally, tailored to specific application scenarios, it supports user-configurable parameters such as bias voltage, discrimination threshold, and dead time to enhance detection efficiency and saturation count rates, among other specific metrics.

Technical ParametersTechnical Index
Product ModelQCD 620
Response Wavelength900nm~1700nm
Number of Channels4
Detection Efficiency20%
Dark Count Rate100cps
Dead Time Adjustment Range0.1um~60um
Output Signal LevelLVTTL
Output Signal Pulse Width>10ns
Output InterfaceSMA
Fiber Coupling MethodMMF62.5
Fiber InterfaceFC/UPC
Peak Power<80w
Input Voltage24V