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Phase modulator

Phase modulator

Key Advantage
High modulation bandwidth
Low half wave voltage
High damage optical power
Low insertion loss

Typical Application
Fiber optic sensing
Optical fiber communication
Quantum secure communication
ROF system
Laser frequency stabilization
Spectral broadening
Frequency comb
Classical coherent communication

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This product is a lithium niobate high-speed phase modulator with independent property rights, and the crystal preparation and coupling packaging are all localized. Features high bandwidth and low half-wave voltage.
This product is made of waveguide by titanium diffusion or proton exchange process. The optical fiber and waveguide are tightly coupled to achieve low back reflection. Among them, the insertion loss of the device is <3dB, the half-wave voltage is <3.5V, and the bandwidth is up to 10GHz

Technical ParametersTechnical Indicators
Typehigh speedlow speed
Working Wavelength1525nm~1565nm1310/1550nm
Insertion Loss3dB≤4.5dB
Return Loss a≤-45dB≤-45dB
Input Optical Power≤20dBm≤10dBm
Operating Bandwidth (-3dB)≧10GHz≧300MHz
RF Half Wave Voltage @50kHz≤3.5V≤4V@1310nm≤5V@1550nm
RF Half Wave Voltage @10GHz≤5v/
RF Input Power≤20dBm/
Electrical Return Loss≤-10dB/
RF Input Impedance50Ω/
Fiber Pigtail bSM/PMSM/PM
Fiber Interface cFC/APC, FC/UPCFC/APC, FC/UPC
Electrical InterfaceSMA/
Operating Temperature-10~60-10~60
Storage Temperature-40~85-40~85


a: Includes connector insertion loss

b: Fiber can be customized
c: Fiber optic connector can be customized