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InGaAs gated single-photon detector

InGaAs gated single-photon detector

Key Advantage
High-speed gate control, up to 1.25 GHz
Ultra-low dark count rate
High detection efficiency with low afterpulsing
Cryogenic cooling with precise temperature control
Advanced TDC functionality with a resolution as low as 50 ps

Typical Applications:
Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)
Laser Ranging
Weak Light Source Detection
Atmospheric and Underwater Environment Monitoring
Non-destructive Material Analysis

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This product is a single-photon detector with independent intellectual property rights. The core component employs domestically developed InGaAs/InP APDs with independent intellectual property rights, featuring high efficiency, low noise, and high stability, among other characteristics. It plays an indispensable role in the detection of weak signals at the single-photon level and serves as a core device for quantum signal optoelectronic conversion.
Operating in a gated mode, this product utilizes techniques such as gate modulation, avalanche signal discrimination, and dead-time suppression to reduce local noise while ensuring high efficiency. At a trigger frequency of 1.25 GHz, the maximum detector efficiency is ≥25%, with a minimum dark count rate of 300 cps and a minimum afterpulse rate of 1% at a dead time of 200 ns. It supports user-configurable parameters such as bias voltage, dead time, and discrimination threshold, as well as custom delay scanning and pulse detection functions. Additionally, it features built-in Time-to-Digital Conversion (TDC) functionality, offering two acquisition channels with resolutions as low as 50 ps.

Technical ParametersTechnical Index
Product ModelQCD-500A
Response Wavelength900~1700nm
Gate Frequency1.25GHz
Detection Efficiency (Typical Value)25%
Dark Count Rate (Typical Value)1.5kcps
Afterpulse Probability @ Dead Time 200ns2.50%
Dead Time Adjustment Range10ns-10us
Detection Pulse Timing Jitter≥200ps
Detection Pulse Output Signal LevelLVTTL
Detection Pulse Output Signal Width15-30ns
Detection Pulse Output InterfaceSMA
Fiber Optic InterfaceFC/UPC
Startup Cooling Time<3min
TDC Precision50ps
Peak Power42w
Input Voltage12V
Dimensions (Width*Length*Height)278mm*240mm*90mm