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InGaAs linear array focal plane sensor

InGaAs linear array focal plane sensor

Key Advantage
Long linear array small pixel with high resolution
512X2 dual line column output
High pixel readout rate (14MHz
Maximum line frequency 20KHz
Four gear gain options
Suitable for multi scenario application needs
32 pin ceramic Dual in-line package

Typical Applications:
Foreign object screening
Agricultural product testing
Line scan imaging
Industrial non-destructive testing
Spectral analysis

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The GD-NIR512L2-CD shortwave infrared InGaAs linear array sensor has the characteristics of high sensitivity, low noise, and low dark current. The sensor is composed of InGaAs photodiode array chips and CMOS signal processing circuit chips. It is conductive connected through indium (In) convex dot arrays and can be widely used in fields such as agricultural product detection, industrial detection, and optoelectronic detection.
The sensor is composed of two independent 1X512 structured circuits, each containing 512 rubber channels. Each channel contains a charge amplification circuit, a CDS gain circuit, a hold circuit, a column buffer circuit, and a control circuit logic. The input stage adopts a CTIA structure with multiple levels of charge voltage conversion gain, supports anti corona and correlated dual adoption (CDS) noise reduction functions, and supports two forms of cooling and non cooling.

Technical ParametersTechnical Index
Device TypeInGaAs p-on-n Type
Scale of Array2X512
Pixel Size25umX25um
Size of Photosensitive Surface0.05mmX12.8mm
Packaging Form32-DIP Ceramic Shell Resin Packaging
Optoelectronic Characteristics @ 22±3°C
Maximum Line Frequency20KHz
Maximum Pixel Readout Rate14KHz
Integral Time≥10us Greater than or equal to 10us
Spectral Response Range0.92~1.65um
Readout Noise≤60e(RMS)@10KHz,High Gain
Dynamic Atmosphere≥60dB
Electrical Characteristics
Operating Temperature Range-20° C~+60° C
Maximum Working Power Consumption300mW
Pixel Bias Range-0.5V~0V
ESD Anti-static Level800V~1000V