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InGaAs focal plane array sensor

InGaAs focal plane array sensor

Key Advantage
1. Spectral response band 0.9-1.7um/0.4-1.7um
2. Chip working temperature can be monitored in real time
3. The integral time is adjustable, and the gain size is optional
4. Output ports 1, 2, 4 are optional
5. Pixel readout rate 10MHz, maximum frame rate 300fps
6. Multiple integration/readout modes, support window imaging

Typical Application
Imaging detection through fog, haze, dust, etc.
Low-light low-light imaging detection
Stealthy passive and active imaging monitoring, camouflage recognition
Laser marking and tracking, laser spot detection
Si-based semiconductor materials and chip testing
Industrial process control imaging detection, sorting of agricultural and sideline products

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This product is assembled by flip-chip interconnecting a CMOS readout circuit chip with an InGaAs photodetector array chip. The array size is 320x265 pixels, with response wavelengths of 0.9-1.7 μm (standard wavelength) and 0.4-1.7 μm (visible wavelength) as optional choices. It offers performance advantages such as low noise, high sensitivity, excellent uniformity, and a wide dynamic range. It exhibits good reliability under both cooled and uncooled operating conditions. The product is available in two types: integrated with a TEC-type DIP metal housing for hermetic sealing and a lightweight compact CLCC packaging.

Basic Technical Parameters and Characteristics
Product ModelGD-NIR32030M-MDGD-NIR32030M-CL
Device TypeInGaAs p-on-n
Pixel Scale320*256
Pixel Size30um*30um
Photosensitive Area Size9.6mm*7.68mm
Device Weight3.0g3.5g
Optical WindowSapphireGlass optical window
Encapsulation FormIntegrated TEC/DIP metal casing packagingCLCC ceramic tube shell packaging
Focal Plane to Optical Window Surface Distance2.6mm(The thickness of the optical window is approximately 1.0mm.)1.9mm(The thickness of the optical window is approximately 0.8mm.)
Main Photoelectric Index
Spectral Response Range0.9-1.7um/0.4-1.7um0.9-1.7um
Quantum Efficiency≥75%(1.0~1.6um)
Optical Fill Factor≥99.0%
Effective Pixel Rate≥99.5%(0.5-2 times the average response)
Output Noise Level≤1.5mV/1.0mV
Dynamic Range≥62dB
Response Non-uniformity≤6%(without NUC,50% Full Well)
Average Pixel Dark Current≤800ke/s(@-0.2V,Detector Bias)
Maximum Full-scale Output Frame Rate100fps/200fps/300fps
Maximum Windowing Output Frame Rate15.6KHz
Maximum Pixel Readout Rate10MHz
Full Well Capacity170Ke/3.5Me
Minimum Integration Time1us