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Miniaturized long-range single-photon imaging radar

Miniaturized long-range single-photon imaging radar

Key Advantage
1. Plug and play, small system size, high portability
2. It can image moving targets and generate real-time images
3. 1550nm wavelength, invisible and safe for human eyes
4. Imaging distance reaches kilometer level, with high lateral resolution
5. Single photon detection technology with extreme sensitivity
6. High resolution time detection technology
7. High resolution and stability optical design for transmitting and receiving
8. Photon Efficient Computational Imaging Algorithm

Typical Applications
Mobile drone capture, long-distance ship 3D imaging results, 1km distant intersection monitoring

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Traditional lidar cannot get enough signal from the reflected light of the target object in long-distance or low-visibility scenes. Single-photon imaging radar uses time-resolved high-performance single-photon detection technology to respond to single-photon-level echo signals, and can perform high-resolution three-dimensional imaging of long-distance target scenes, and the imaging distance can reach the kilometer level. It breaks through the technical bottlenecks of low signal-to-noise ratio and limited distance of traditional laser imaging radar.
This product adopts optical fiber-based transceiver coaxial optical path design and integrated system design, which has good stability and portability. This product provides a high-speed data processing module, equipped with a photon-effective computational imaging algorithm, which can use the average signal of each pixel point as low as a single photon level to carry out real-time, high-precision 3D image reconstruction, and provides a long-distance high-resolution 3D imaging. application provides an effective solution.

Technical ParametersTechnical Index
Laser Wavelength1550nm
Laser Power<200mw
Detection MethodsInGaAs Single Photon Detector
Spatial Resolution0.007
Depth Accuracy10cm
Maximum Detection Distance>20KM
Environmental Light Requirementswhole day
Working Temperature0-40°C
Input Voltage220V