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Avalanche photodiode calibration system

Avalanche photodiode calibration system

Key Advantage
Support gated and free running two working modes
High precision temperature control
Rich parameter configuration
Device non-destructive testing
High precision TDC function, resolution as low as 50ps

Typical Application
Device factory performance test
Study on Single Photon Characteristics of Devices
Academic Research

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This product is an avalanche photodiode calibration system with independent intellectual property rights. It is used for the test of avalanche photodiodes and supports two working modes of Geiger free running. Support the customized development of fixtures, which can realize the non-destructive testing of any packaged devices. Widely used in device performance testing, academic research and other fields.
This product supports the test of avalanche photodiodes in gated mode and free-running mode, analyzes the detection pulse through the time data conversion (TDC) function, and completes the test of key indicators such as detection efficiency, dark count, and post-pulse. In gated mode, the trigger frequency is up to 1.25GHz, the bias voltage control range is 10V~80V, and the temperature control adjustment range is 5~-60℃. Support the adjustment of key parameters such as bias voltage, dead time, discrimination threshold, gating amplitude, and coincidence delay. Combined with a high-speed picosecond pulse light source, the single-photon characteristics of the device can be analyzed.

Technical ParametersTechnical Indicators
Product NumberQCD-100A
Bias Adjustment Range10V~80V
TEC Driving Current2A
Gating Frequency1.25GHz
Dead Time Adjustment Range8ns~10
Probe Pulse Timing Jitter≤150ps
Detection Pulse Output Signal LevelLVTTL
Detection Pulse Output SignalPulse Width15~30ns
Detection Pulse Output InterfaceSMA
Fiber Optic InterfaceFC/UPC
TDC Accuracy≤50ps
Peak Power48w
Input Voltage12V
Dimensions (W*D*H)278*240*90