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Space acousto-optic modulator

Space acousto-optic modulator

Key Advantage
1. Fast response time
2. Low insertion loss
3. High extinction ratio
4. High reliability

Typical Applications
Industrial laser
Ultrafast laser
Fiber optic sensing
Cold atomic physics

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This product series is a spatial type acoustooptic modulator, and the preparation of acoustooptic crystals, development of driving sources, and coupled packaging have all achieved localization. The customizable wavelength range covers the ultraviolet to mid infrared region, with fast response time, high diffraction efficiency, high extinction ratio, and the ability to achieve any polarization state input. The product adopts a compact and sturdy all metal sealed packaging, which has high reliability and temperature stability.

Technical ParametersTechnical Index
Working Wavelength300nm-10600nm
Operating Frequency10-1500MHz
Frequency Shift Bandwidth0-100MHz
Light Aperture0.1-10mm
Extinction Ratio≥1000:1