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Single photon ranging system

Single photon ranging system

Key Advantage
1. Ultimate sensitivity single photon detection technology
2. High resolution time detection technology
3. Photon Effective Ranging Algorithm
4. The imaging distance reaches tens of kilometers
5. It can measure the range of multiple targets at different distances in the field of view at the same time
6. It can measure the distance and speed of the target in motion
7. 1550nm wavelength laser, invisible and safe for human eyes
8. Highly integrated: plug and play, small system size, high portability

Typical Applications
1. Target ranging detection
2. Auxiliary positioning
3. Building Inspection
4. Autonomous navigation

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This product is a long-distance single-photon detection and ranging product with complete intellectual property rights and high integration. It provides an effective solution for the application of long-distance high-precision ranging. This product is positioned in high-performance single-photon detection technology. Using high-performance single-photon detection technology with time resolution, by responding to single-photon-level echo signals, high-precision ranging can be performed on long-distance targets, and the detection distance can reach ten kilometers. Breaking through the traditional laser radar Technical bottlenecks such as low signal-to-noise ratio and limited distance.
This product is based on the ranging scheme with high repetition frequency and low pulse energy, which has better concealment and ranging refresh rate; it adopts integrated system design and has good stability and portability. This product provides a high-speed data processing module, equipped with a photon-effective ranging algorithm, which can tolerate strong background noise, and extract single-photon-level signals from it for real-time, high-precision, multi-target ranging.

Technical ParametersTechnicalIndex
Pulse Laser Wavelength1550nm
Pulse Laser Power<1W
Detection MethodsInGaAs Single Photon Detector
Ranging Speed1-100Hz
Multi Target Ranging>3
Ranging Accuracy1.5cm
Ranging Distance0-50KM
Maximum Power of the Entire Machine<300W
Working Temperature(-10-40°C)
Environmental Light Requirementswhole day