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InGaAs linear array focal plane camera

InGaAs linear array focal plane camera

Key Advantage
High pixel readout rate, with a maximum line frequency of up to 20kHz.
Supports internal synchronization and external trigger modes.
Four selectable integration gain levels and adjustable exposure time.
Compatible with GigE Vision, and provides an SDK for secondary development.

Typical Applications
Agricultural Products, Fruit and Vegetable Inspection, Material Sorting
Industrial Line Foreign Object Screening, Non-Destructive Scanning and Inspection
Spectral Analysis, Medical Imaging
Semiconductor Wafer Pattern Inspection, Solar Silicon-Based Testing

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This product adopts domestically controlled InGaAs linear array sensors, boasting high sensitivity, a high signal-to-noise ratio, and low dark noise, among other advantages. It supports different equipment configurations, including both refrigerated and non-refrigerated setups, and maintains high contrast for detecting materials with special spectral characteristics in various scenarios.
This product can detect wavelengths in the near-infrared range from 900nm to 1700nm, with a maximum line frequency of up to 20kHz. The sensor sensitivity can be selected from four different levels. The camera is equipped with a GigE data interface, and the lens interface is a C-mount.

Technical ParametersTechnical Index
Camera ModelGD8L1-SW512x1-G2GD8L0-SW512x2-G2GD8L1-SW1024x1-G2
Shutter ModeRolling Shutter
Maximum Line Frequency/Frame Rate20KHz
Pixel Size25um*500um25um*25um12.5um*12.5um
Exposure Time≥10us
Dynamic Range≥70dB≥70dB≥65dB
Data InterfaceGigE Vision
Configuration InterfaceRs232
Pixel Depth8bit/10bit/12bit
Spectral Response Range950nm-1700nm
Cooling MethodOptional refrigeration and non-refrigeration
LensStandard C-mount, lens not included by default
Power Interface12V DC power supply
Operating Temperature(-10°C~+50°C)(-10°C~+50°C)(-10°C~+40°C)