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InGaAs free-running single-photon detector

InGaAs free-running single-photon detector

Key Advantage
High detection efficiency
Low dark count rate
Low ask jitter
Free-running operation
TDC function (Optional)

Typical Application
Laser ranging/LiDAR
Fluorescence lifetime detection
Quantum Key Distribution/Quantum optics
Single photon source calibration
Photoexcitation detection

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This product is a compact near infrared free running single photon detector.
The core device adopts InGaAs/lnP with domestic independent intellectual property rights
Compared with similar products, APD has advanced technical indicators, reliability and integration, and can be used for asynchronous low light detection such as liDAR and fluorescence lifetime detection
Applications provide cost-effective solutions.
This product uses a negative feedback APD to achieve fast avalanche quenching and low electronic noise, high detection efficiency and low dark count by optimizing the electronics and thermal design. Among them, the maximum detector efficiency of 1550nm single photon is > 35%; At this time, the time jitter can be as low as 80ps; Detector efficiency
At 15%, the minimum dark count is 500 CPS, and the minimum post pulse is 1%@ dead time 5 um; Saturation counting rate up to 4MCps@ dead time 250nso
In addition, for specific application scenarios, support bias, screening threshold, dead time and other parameters of the user configuration function to strengthen the detection efficiency, saturation count rate and other specific indicators; Support time digital conversion (TDC) function can be determined
To obtain time counting data, support free running or external trigger gating
Two operating modes are available.

Technical ParametersTechnical Index
Product ModelQCD 600B-HQCD 600B-S
Wavelength Range900nm~1700nm
Detection Efficiency35%25%
Dark Count Rate (Typical Value)4Kcps2Kcps
Afterpulse Probability@ Dead Time 5PS10%5%
Time Jitter100ps150ps
Dead Time Range0.1μs~60μs
Output Signal LevelLVTTL
Output Signal Pulse Width15ns
Output InterfaceSMA
The Optical Fiber is SynchronizedMMF62.5
Fiber InterfaceFC/UPC
Start-up Cooling Time<3min
TDC Accuracy (Customizable)10ns,0.1ns
Input Voltage15V
Size116mmX107.5mm X80mm