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InGaAs avalanche photodetector

InGaAs avalanche photodetector

Key Advantage
1. High gain
2. High sensitivity
3. Low noise equivalent power
4. Strong light injection protection function
5. Optional light incident mode

Typical Application
Laser Ranging
Laser communication

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This product is a compact near-infrared avalanche photodetector. The core device adopts InGaAs/InP APD with domestic independent intellectual property rights, which has the characteristics of high gain, high sensitivity and low noise. It can provide a cost-effective solution for near-infrared weak light detection and short pulse signal measurement, and is widely used in laser communication, laser radar and other fields.
This product works in linear mode, integrates a low-noise broadband transimpedance amplifier, can achieve a maximum conversion gain of 5.2×106v/w, and supports gain adjustment, and uses a temperature compensation circuit to achieve temperature stability control of the multiplication factor. The diameter of the photosensitive surface is up to 200um, and the noise equivalent power is as low as 0.35nW under the working bandwidth of 10MHz. It supports free space coupling and fiber coupling. At the same time, the internal integrated strong light injection protection function makes the product have higher environmental adaptability.

Technical ParametersTechnical Index
Product ModelQCD-200A
Response Wavelength900nm-1700nm
Photosensitive Surface Diameter200um
Maximum Conversion Gain @(RL=50Ω)5.2×10V/W
Maximum Output Voltage @(RL=50Ω)2.1V
Output BandwidthDC~10MHz
Noise Equivalent Power(DC-10MHz)0.12pW/Hz½
Total Noise Power0.35nw
Coupling Methodfree-space coupling/fiber-optic coupling
Output DC Bias<±25mV
Input Voltage12v
Photosensitive surface size can be customized
Output bandwidth can be customized