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High-efficiency narrow bandwidth filter

High-efficiency narrow bandwidth filter

Key Advantage
Fiber amplifier
WDM&DWDM system
Optical fiber equipment
Fiber laser

Typical Application
Wide passband range
Low insertion loss
High operating power
Stable operating characteristic

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This product uses a film filter with excellent performance to ensure high quality optical performance, stable and reliable. Used to shield noisy signals in EDFA and fiber laser systems. High isolation, low insertion loss, high return loss and high power. According to the needs of users to provide different wavelength versions of the filter, which can be used in dense wavelength division multiplexing optical fiber communication, frequency division multiplexing optical fiber communication, spectrum testing, fiber sensors, fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers and other fields.

Technical ParameterTechnical Index
Center Operating Wavelength(nm)518.36±0.05854.2±0.051550.12±0.1
Set Temperature(℃)///
Insertion Loss(Max)(dB)≤4≤2.2≤1.55
Total Coupling Efficiency(Min)(dB)≥40%≥60%≥70%
Power Handling(Max)(mW)100200300
Pigtail Type0.9mm loose tube0.9mm loose tube0.9mm loose tube
Fiber TypeNufern 460 HPNufern 780 HPG657A2/SMF-28e
Fiber Length(m)≥1.0≥1.0≥1.0
Operating Temperature(℃)0~700~700~70
Storage Temperature(℃)-40~85-40~+85-40~85