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Fixed gain audio-light driver module

Fixed gain audio-light driver module

Typical Application
Industrial laser
Superfast laser
Optical fiber sensing
Cold atom physics

Key Advantage:
Fast modulation speed
Switching ratio height
Low power consumption
High reliability
High security

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Acousto-optic driver series is a matching beam for acousto-optic modulator products
Frequency driver, suitable for driving power less than 3W acousto-optic modulator, acousto-optic frequency shifter and acousto-optic deflector and other products, according to the application of different frequencies have fixed point frequency and shift band width, broadband and multi-channel optional, with low power consumption, high switching ratio and other characteristics.

Technical SpecificationsTechnical Indicators
Operating Frequency20~400MHz
Intermediate Frequency Bandwidth0~50MHz
Debugging MethodSimulation/Digital
Internal Clock Stability<100ppm
Operating Voltage12V/24V