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External-cavity semiconductor laser

External-cavity semiconductor laser

Key Advantage
1. Narrow line width
2. 25GH ring mode hopping range
3. Cover a large wavelength range

Typical Applications
1. Precise spectrum measurement.
2. Atomic Cooling
3. Optical Frequency Standard
4. Laser Gyro

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This product is a self-developed and designed compact continuous wave light source with excellent technical indicators and convenient operation performance, which can meet the needs of scientific research in many fields.
The core function of the product is to provide a stable and tunable narrow-linewidth continuous wave light source. The light output mode is fiber output. It supports two modes: wide-range tuning and fine tuning. In the wide-range tuning mode, the wavelength can be tuned to exceed 50nm; In mode, the laser can be tuned to 25GHz. Through strict laser chip selection and excellent optical design, the laser output line width is less than 100kHz, which can meet the scientific research needs of different fields such as precision spectrum measurement, atomic and molecular physics, and quantum optics.

Technical ParametersTechnical Index
Center Wavelength1083-1650nm
Wavelength Coverage Range>50nm
No Skip Mode Range25GHz
Laser Linewidth100kHz
Output Power>30mW
Input Voltage210-240VAC