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Digital to time converter

Digital to time converter

Key Advantage
1. Industrial grade standards
2. Dual independent channels
3. Delay accuracy
4. Support for single channel
5. High reliability

Typical Applications
1. Delay control of quantum secure communication signals
2. Adjustable signal path delay of Automatic test equipment
3. High precision measurement, measurement and control instruments, optoelectronic modulation
4. Picosecond laser pulse control and communication encoding alignment control

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Product Introduction: High precision adjustable delay chips have independent intellectual property rights and can be used to replace similar chips from abroad. The chip is used for clock or data offset and timing adjustment, and performs picosecond level fine tuning control on data, control signals, and drive circuits. This chip is a dual channel programmable delay chip, with two independent delay processing channels for a single chip. The delay accuracy can be controlled by 10ps, and the delay range is 5ns. It has resistance to process, voltage, and temperature (PVT) characteristics.

Technical ParameterTechnical Index
Product ModelCBC-QDTC
Number of ChannelsSingle chip 2-channel
Input FrequencyGreater than or equal to GHz
Delay Range0ns~5ns