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Cold atom gravimeter

Cold atom gravimeter

Key Advantage
1. No mechanical moving parts, no mechanical wear
2. The data output time can be set according to the accuracy required by the specific application scenario
3. Modular design of each subsystem
4. Easy to install and debug, enabling rapid deployment of equipment
5. Automatic adjustment after the equipment is installed
6. Data output can be customized according to user needs

Typical Applications
1. Provide gravity reference value
2. Provides continuous gravity monitoring without drift
3. Provides drift-free mobile gravity surveys

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Product Positioning - Cold Atom Gravimeter A-Grav is a quantum precision measurement product developed by Guodun Quantum with completely independent intellectual property rights. It uses free-falling cold atomic clusters in an ultra-high vacuum environment as a test mass, and uses lasers to precisely control the beam splitting, state inversion and beam combining of cold atomic matter waves, thereby forming cold atomic matter wave interference, and finally by measuring the phase shift of matter waves It is a new type of absolute gravimeter to obtain the acceleration of gravity. A-Grav consists of two parts, the detection unit and the control unit. The detection unit is used to sense the acceleration of gravity, and the control unit is used to provide the photoelectric, timing modules, data processing and output functions required in the gravity measurement process.
Product application-A-Grav can work continuously without interruption, and is suitable for various scenarios from fixed-point measurement to mobile survey, and can be widely used in geological disaster monitoring, geodetic surveying and mapping, resource exploration, buried object detection, gravity-assisted navigation and other fields.

Technical Parameters
Technical Index
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Repeat Frequency3.2Hz
Stabilitybetter than 1uGal
Precisionbetter than 10uGal
Size0.56*0.68*0.72m (controller)
0.3*0.3*0.65m (detector)
Weight80kg (controller)
40kg (detector)
Power Consumption300w