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Quantum random number generator chip

Quantum random number generator chip

Key Advantage
Quantum source based on vacuum state fluctuation noise
High random number generation rate -
High quality of random number randomness
Easy to integrate

Typical Application
1. Quantum confidentiality letter
2. Traditional information security
3. Cryptography
4. Monte Carlo Simulation
5. Gaming industry and other fields

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This product is a board-type high-speed quantum random number generator with independent intellectual property rights. It has the characteristics of clear working mechanism, obvious quantum characteristics, high random number generation rate, good random quality, small product size, and easy integration. It is widely used. It is used in quantum secure communication, cryptography and other fields.
This product adopts the quantum wave source based on the principle of vacuum state fluctuation noise source, and the randomness of the output random number meets the requirements of the National Cryptography Administration's randomness detection specification GM/T 0005-2021 and NIST Special Publication 800-22. Random number support network Port and PCIE dual-interface output, the output rate is XGbps. In addition, the network port supports TCP/IP/UDP protocol, which can be used for remote status monitoring. It provides secondary development SD instrument port, and supports users to carry out random number module application work on this basis.

Technical ParametersTechnical Index
Supported Random Number Output Rate
Operating Temperature
Input Voltage