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Using quantum sensors to achieve photoelectric conversion

Sep 22, 2023 1

Recently, a team from Boston College used quantum sensors to convert light into electricity in Weyl semimetals.

Many modern technologies, such as cameras, optical fiber systems, and solar panels, rely on converting light into electrical signals. However, in most materials, simply shining light on their surfaces does not generate a current because the current lacks a specific direction. To overcome these limitations and create new optoelectronic devices, researchers are investigating the unique properties of electrons in Weyl semimetals.

As part of this project, the team developed a new technique that employs quantum magnetic field sensors in nitrogen vacancy centers in diamond to image the local magnetic fields generated by photoelectric currents and reconstruct the complete flow of photoelectric currents. This discovery opens up new avenues for finding other highly photosensitive materials and demonstrates the disruptive impact of quantum sensors on open questions in materials science.

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