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A Multi-Wavelength Quantum Well Nanowire Array Micro-LED for On-Chip Optical Communication

Sep 22, 2023 1

As the number of processor cores continues to increase, the challenges of connecting them together have also grown. Traditional electrical networks fall short in meeting the demands due to latency, limited bandwidth, and high energy consumption. For a long time, researchers have been searching for better alternatives, and on-chip nanophotonic systems have emerged as a promising replacement for traditional electrical networks.

There is still limited reporting on high-speed infrared micro-light-emitting diodes (LEDs) operating at telecommunication wavelengths, which are crucial for the future development of Li-Fi technology, photonic integrated circuits (PICs), and biological applications. Recently, a new article has showcased the selective area growth and fabrication of highly uniform pi-n core-shell InGaAs/InP single quantum well (QW) nanowire array LEDs.

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